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Item Name Price Country of origin
J6 the 3rd National Games of PRC, J8 Victorious Fulfillment of 4th Five Year Plan, J10 Be Tempered in Big Rivers and Sea 
$75.00 China
J14 China Stamp 30th Anniv. of February 28 Uprising of Taiwan MNH  Whole Set Blocks
$85.00 China
J16 Inner Mongolian, J17 Romania independence, J19 Zhu De, J22 Mao Memorial Hall
$48.00 China
J21 1977 1st Anniv. of Death of Chairman Mao full set MNH CTO
$33.00 China
J23 CCP J25 Nat'l Science Conference J28 Study Daqing & Dazhai J29 Ningxia MNH
$27.00 China
J34 Peace treaty, J38 Year of Child, J43 Nat'l Games, J54 Winter Olympic, J58 Scientists
$15.00 China
J-44 1979 30th Anniversary of Founding PRC (1st Set) 中华人民共和国三十周年
$45.00 China
J56 1980 Improve health level and advocate quitting smoking 提高健康水平,提倡戒烟
$22.00 China
J60 Chinese painting J62 Return to Olympic J64 Anniv CPC J65 Nat'l Safety Month
$7.00 China
J63 1981 SB5 China Stamp Exhibition in Japan Booklet
$25.00 China
J68 70th Anniv. of 1911 Revolution 2 full sets MNH 辛亥革命七十周年
$12.00 China
J69 Telecommunication J73 Asian Conference J74 Discovery TB J77 Water J78 Census
$7.50 China
J71 1981 36th World Table Tennis Championships 中国乒乓球队荣获七项世界冠军纪念
$39.00 China
J79 Geological Society J80 World Food Day J81 UN Outer Space J83 Dr. D.S. Kotnis
$11.00 China
J84 China-Japan J86 CPC J87 Birth of Guo J88 Communist Youth J89 Railroad Strike
$27.00 China
J85 1982 1st Congress of All-China Philatelic Federation S/S 中华全国集邮联合会
$25.00 China
J91 Communications J92 China Literators J93 National Games J94 National Congress
$20.00 China
J96 85th Birth of Liu Shaoqi, J97 90th Birth of Mao Zedong
$23.00 China
J100 Ren Bishi J102 Red Cross J103 Olympic Games J104 China-Japan J105 PRC Annv.
$31.50 China
J106 Chen Jiageng J108 UN J110 J111 Xian Xinghai J112 J113 Zheng He
$17.50 China
J114 Xu Beihong J116 Tibet Region J117 Victory anti-Japan War J118 Workers Game
$6.50 China
J115 Lin Zexu J119 Xin-jiang J120 Palace Museum J121 Youth Games J122 Zou Taofen
$14.00 China
J123 Dong BW J125 Dec 9 J126 He L J127 Li WH J130 Wang JX J131 Teacher J132 1911
$12.00 China
J133M Dr. Sun Yat-Sen J135M All-China Philatelic Federation 5 S/S MNH FDC & used
$35.00 China
J136 J137 J138 J139 J140 J144 & 1988 J146 J148 J151 1987-1988 Stamps Package
$14.00 China
J149, J152, J154, J155, 1989 J157, J162, J163 1988-1989 China Stamps & S/S Package
$39.00 China
J158, J159, J160, J161, J164 1990 J165, J166, J167 1989-1990 China Stamps Package
$17.00 China
J168, J169, J179, J180, J183, J184, J185, J172 1990 China Stamps & S/S Package
$73.00 China
T1 PR China Gymnastics Full Set
$29.00 China
T3 PR China Stamps Paintings by Peasants of Huxian County
$39.00 China
T7 PR China Stamp Wushu Kung Fu Martial Arts Sports Whole Set 6 mint plus a Block of Four MNH   T7武术
$84.00 China
T38M PR China Stamp The Great Wall S/S Souvenir Sheet
$250.00 China
T43 PR China Stamps Journey to the West
$123.00 China
T58 PR China Stamps Block of Four New Year of Zodiac Rooster Cock
$165.00 China
T69 PR China Stamp Dream of Red Mansions Twelve Beauties
$151.00 China
T70 SB7 PR China Stamp Renxu Year 1982 Year of the Dog 2 Booklet
$79.00 China
T71 Ancient Coins of China (2nd Set) Full Set of 8 MNH +4 Blocks of Four +3 Used
$80.00 China
T87 Opera T90 Jiazi T91 Family T92 Child T93 Flowers T96 Suzhou Garden T100 Emei
$57.00 China
T94 Ibis Birds T95 Gezhouba Water T98 Wu Chang-shuo Paintings T103 Plum Blossom
$55.00 China
T99 & T99M China Stamp Chinese classical literature masterpiece The Peony Pavilion Complete Mint Set & 3 Souvenir Sheets
$167.00 China
T102 SB12 China PRC Lunar New Year Ox Zodiac Booklet & FDC
$112.00 China
T104 Lantern T106 Panda T107 Tiger Year T108 Spaceflight T117 Festival
$55.00 China
T110 White Crane T111 Rare Magnolia Liliflora T113 Ancient China Sport in Booklet Folder T114 Bird of Prey
$43.99 China
T112 Rabbit T115 Kites T116M & T126 Dunhuang T120 Fairy T121 Buildings T127 Eco
$79.00 China
T122 Bells T124 Dragon T125 Country Scenes T128 Construction T130 Taishan T136 Cancer T137 Children's Life
$63.00 China
T131M 3 Kingdoms T133 Snake Year T134 Bird T135M Silk Paintings from Mawangdui
$118.00 China
T144 West Lake T146 Gengwu T148 Greening T149 Pottery T154 Films T156 Dujiangyan
$76.00 China
T151 China Stamp Bronze Chariot Emperor Qin Heritage 20 S/S, FDC
$125.00 China
T157 Kingdoms T161 Goat T165 construction T168 Disaster T158 Han Xizai Night Party T162 Azalea Flowers
$76.00 China
T159 China Stamp 1991 Lunar Chinese New Year Sheep Goat Zodiac Partial Sheet, FDC, Postcards, CTO Hologram Folder
$129.00 China
T164 Chengde Summer Resort 承德山庄 T167 Outlaws of the Marsh 3rd Set 8 S/S 水浒传
$52.00 China
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