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Postal China Stamps from Qing Dynasty 清朝邮票 

Special Areas: included Commercial Ports Postal stamps 商埠

Foreign Postal stamps in China 外国在华邮局 

Postal China Chinese stamps from Qing Dynasty 清朝邮票, The Qing Dynasty Stamps of My Lists:


Ord. 2.2 小龙光齿: (3-2) (Sc14); Ord. 12 日本版蟠龙 (前半套): (12-1) to (12-6) (Sc86-91); Ord. 14 伦敦版蟠龙: (20-1) to (20-3), (20-5), (20-12) (Sc110 to 112, 114, 116); 欠资2;


Special Areas included Commercial Ports Postal stamps 商埠, Foreign Postal stamps in China 外国在华邮局 Postal stamps during ROC (Republic of China) from 1912 to1949:


Commercial Ports Postal stamps 商埠, Foreign Postal stamps in China 外国在华邮局 Postal stamps of My Lists:


Han.2 汉口2: (5-1) (Sc194); CH.2 烟台2: (5-1) to (5-5) (Sc239 to 243); KEW.1 九江1: (10-5), (10-7), (10-10)  (Sc318, 320, 323); AM.1 厦门1: (5-1) (Sc461);


SH.12.1 上海12-1 六版工部小龙 ("文单位"): (6-4) (Sc81); SH.20 上海20 九版工部小龙: (5-5) (Sc119); SH.22 上海22 双龙加盖改作欠资: (14-8) (Sc143);

SH.23 上海23 双龙加盖改值: (3-2) (Sc134); SH.24.3 上海24.3 双龙直剖改值: (3-1) (Sc156); SH.27 上海27 开埠50周年: (1-1) (Sc177);


FR.6 法6: (8-5) (Sc385); FR.7 法7: (8-1), (8-2), (8-5) (Sc395, 396, 399); 


GUANG.2 法广2: (17-3) (Sc856); GUANG.3 法广3: (17-7), (17-8), (17-9) (Sc877, 878, 879); GUANG.4 法广4: (21-1), (21-2) (Sc888, 889); GUANG.6 法广6: (21-1), (21-2) (Sc933, 934); 


MONG.4 安蒙4: (17-4), (17-9), (17-10) (Sc?); 


YUN.3 安云3: (17-3) (Sc506); YUN.4 安云4: (17-5), (17-12), (17-13), (17-15) (Sc525, 532, 533, 535); YUN.5 安云4: (17-7), (17-8), (17-12), (17-13) (Sc692, 693, 687, 698); 


CHUNG.3 安重3: (17-4) (Sc806); CHUNG.4 安重4: (17-2, (17-5) (Sc821, 824); Pack.3 安北3: (17-1) (Sc736); HOI.4 安海4: (17-3) (Sc588); 


(If you are interested in some of these stamps but not listed on the website yet, please text 1-626-675-9908. Best Offer Available)

Commercial Ports AM.1 1 Mint, CH.2 5 Mint, Han.2 1 Used, KEW.1 4 Mint

89Commercial Ports Xiamen (Amoy) in Qing Dynasty AM.1 1st Ordinary Issue 1 Mint  商埠厦门1 第一次普通邮票 1新票

Commercial Ports Yantai (Chefoo) in Qing Dynasty CH.2 2st Print Beacon Tower Issue Full Set of 5 Mint 商埠烟台2 第二版烽火台 全套5新票

Commercial Ports Hankou (Hankow) in Qing Dynasty Han.2 2nd Ordinary Issue 1 Used 商埠汉口2 第二次普通邮票 1旧票

Commercial Ports Jiujiang (Kewkiang) in Qing Dynasty KEW.1 1st Ordinary Issue 4 Mint 商埠九江1 第一次普通邮票 4新票


Serial No.: Am.1 Sc#461 Years: 1895; CH.2 Sc#239-243, 1894; Han.2 Sc#194, 1893; KEW.1 Sc#318,320,323, 1894.


Photo AM1a,  Photo AM1bPhoto CH2a,  Photo CH2bPhoto Han2a,  Photo Han2bPhoto KEW1a,  Photo KEW1b.


Sell in this package and Stamp GradesAM.1 1 mint of (5-1), original gum, hinged, good; CH.2 whole set of 5 mint, original gum, hinged, good; Han.2 1 used of (5-1), pencil writing on back, good; KEW.1 4 mint of (10-5) 2, never hinged, (10-7) 1, hinged, (10-10) hinged in average condition; 11 stamps in total.

Qing Dynasty Qin.Pd.2 1 Used, Qin.Ord2 1 Used, Qin.Ord12 6 Used, Qin.Ord14 3 Mint + 7 Used

Qing Dynasty Pd.2 London Print 1ST Postage Due Issue 1 Used  清朝欠2. 伦敦版第一次欠资邮票 1旧票

Qing Dynasty Ord.2.2 SMALL DRAGON WITH CLEAN CUT PERFORATION 1 Used 小龙邮票——普2.2  小龙光齿 1旧票

Qing Dynasty Ord.12 Japan Print Coiling Dragon Issue 6 Used 清朝普12 日本版蟠龙邮票 6旧票 (前半套)

Qing Dynasty Ord.14 London Print Coiling Dragon Issue Unwatermarked 3 Mint + 7 Used 清朝普14.伦敦蟠龙邮票(无水印) 3 新票+7 旧票


Serial No.: Qin.Pd.2 Sc#? Years: 1904; Qin.Ord.2.2 Sc#14, 1888; Qin.Ord.12 Sc#86-91, 1897; Qin.Ord.14 Sc#110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 1901-1910.


Photos: Qin.Pd.2a,  Qin.Pd.2b;  Qin.Ord.2.2a,  Qin.Ord.2.2b;  

PhotosQin.Ord.12-1a,  Qin.Ord.12-1bQin.Ord.12-2a,  Qin.Ord.12-2bQin.Ord.12-3a Qin.Ord.12-3b

Qin.Ord.12-4a,  Qin.Ord.12-4b,Qin.Ord.12-5a,  Qin.Ord.12-5bQin.Ord.12-6a,  Qin.Ord.12-6b

PhotosQin.Ord.14-1a,  Qin.Ord.14-1bQin.Ord.14-2aQin.Ord.14-2bQin.Ord.14-3aQin.Ord.14-3bQin.Ord.14-4aQin.Ord.14-4bQin.Ord.14-5aQin.Ord.14-5b.


Sell in this package and Stamp GradesQin.Pd2 1 used of (8-6), original gum, hinged, average; Qin.Ord2.2 1 Used of (3-2), hinged, good; Qin.Ord.12 6 used (half set) of (12-1) to (12-6), average conditions; Qin.Ord.14 3 mint of (20-1) 1 & (20-12) 2 in Strip of Two, hinged, stains on the back, average; 7 used of (20-2) 2, (20-3) 4, (20-5) 1; 3 hinged & 4 never hinged in average condition; 3 mint & 15 old used stamps in total.

Commercial Ports SH.12 2 Used, SH.20 1 Mint, SH.22 1 Mint, SH.23 1 Mint

Commercial Ports Shanghai in Qing Dynasty SH.12 6th Print Gong-bu Small Dragon Issue (in Cash) 2 Used 商埠上海12 第六版工部小龙邮票(“文单位”)2旧票

Commercial Ports Shanghai in Qing Dynasty SH.20 9th Gong-bu Small Dragon Issue 1 Mint 商埠上海20 第九版工部小龙邮票 1旧票

Commercial Ports Shanghai in Qing Dynasty SH.22 Double Dragons Issue Converted into Postage-Due Stamps 1 Mint 商埠上海22 双龙加盖改作欠资邮票 1新票

Commercial Ports Shanghai in Qing Dynasty SH.23 Double Dragons Issue Surcharged 1 Mint 商埠上海23 双龙加盖改值邮票 1新票


Serial No.: SH.12 Sc#81 Years: 1877; SH.20 Sc#119, 1889; SH.22 Sc#143, 1892; SH.23 Sc#134, 1892.


Photo SH.12aSH.12bSH.20a,  SH.20bSH.22a,  SH.22bSH.23aSH.23b.


Sell in this package and Stamp GradesSH.12 2 used of (6-4) P15, hinged, average; SH.20 1 used of (5-5), original gum, never hinged, average; SH.22 1 mint of (14-8), hinged, good; SH.23 1 mint of (3-2), hinged, in average condition; 5 stamps in total.

Commercial Ports SH.24 Bisects of Double Dragons Issue Surcharged Qing Dynasty Postal stamps 

Commercial Ports Shanghai in Qing Dynasty SH.24 Bisects of Double Dragons Issue Surcharged Postal stamps  1 Mint  商埠上海24 双龙直剖改值邮票 1新票


Serial No.: SH.24 Sc#156 Years: 1893.

Photo 1Photo 2.


Sell in this package and Stamp Grades: 1 mint of (9-7), 1 Ct. on 2 cents, brown color, hinged, original gum, hand-writing on back, in good condition; 1 stamp in total.

Commercial Ports SH.27 Jubilee of Shanghai Port Opening Issue 4 Qing Dynasty Stamps MNH

Commercial Ports in Qing Dynasty SH.27 Jubilee of Shanghai Port Opening Issue 4 Mint in Block of Four  清朝商埠 上海27 上海开埠50周年纪念邮 四方连 新票


Serial No.: SH.27 Sc#177 Years: 1893.

Photo 1 Photo 2.


Sell in this package and Stamp Grades: 4 mint stamps in a Block of Four, never hinged, original gum, very fine; 4 mint stamps in total.

More and more Qing Dynasty, Commercial Ports & Foreign Postal stamps in China will be listed here gradually later.

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